newbie here: is this possible?

Hello, I do have a weekly music service that provides mp3 files without any tag info named like this:




The problem is that there's no dash separation ("-") between each one. The only guide is that the Artist name is in Uppercase, the Title in lowercase. . I've been do it manually week to week, but as you realise is very time consuming. I have a lot of files withou tags and each week this goes on and on.

I'm trying to find on Mp3tag a way to rename and/or tag the files to:

ARTIST - title ( ISSUE-Track#)


CLEAN BANDIT FEAT. JESS GLYNNE - Rather Be (1109DA-02).mp3
DAVID GUETTA FEAT. SAM MARTIN - Dangerous (1109DA-05).mp3

Is it possible to do it with Mp3tag??
Or can anyone help to solve this problem with another tool???

Thanks in advance.

Here is a thread that leaves only the words that are not capitals.
non capital

It uses the action "Format value" with this format string:

So, what you could do:
Run the Convert>filename-tag
function twice. The first run imports the whole filename into TITLE, the second in ARTIST.

Now replace with an action of the type "Replace" all underscores with a blank.

Then you apply a modified version of the above string that removes all CAPTIAL words from TITLE.

The second action then deals with ARTIST and removes all words that are non-CAPITAL.

This is just an idea, I have not tested it.

Thanks ohrenkino for the guide I got the idea now.