-Newbie- messed up some tagging names.

Hello, I had several albums on my PC that weren't full tagged so I used mp3tag to tag them, I clicked tagged sources, amazon blahblah..

But now I've noticed that some tracks have file names which are different to the title names, and Visa-Versa..

Any idea how to correct this? (Completely new to Mp3tag so will need answers in the most simplest form aha.)

Thank you. :sunglasses:

As filenames have nothing to do with titles this is just fine and only natural.
If you want to keep the title and filename in sync, use the function
and click ok.
if you want some more information, like artist and track number, first take care that these fields are filled, then use the same function only this time you enter:
%track% - %artist% - %title%

So many options, so little time.