Newbie - MP3Tag will not accept imput

Ripped some MP4 files from a DVD using Nero recode. Resulting files all in same directory. File names are visible in MP3Tag and accurate BUT I cannot seem to change any of the other tags. I have switched to other directories and been able to read and modify those files/tags so I know the process and I know MP3Tag is properly installed and working. I simply cannot figure out why the tags of the new files will not modify.

Created a CSV file with new attributes for the tags. Tried Text Sring => tag function. Preview works perfectly. When I try it "for real" the function moves as normal - messages say writing tags and it has the proper number of lines....but the main view of MP3Tag never changes. I can READ the tags again but none of the tag fields have changed and accepted the new values.

Tried to REMOVE all tags and re-create the tag definitions - still no change. Have read all the help files and forums. I am lost. Any ideas?
Will appreciate the the help...

Does "I have switched to other directories and been able to read and modify those files/tags" mean that the same files can be modified in other directories? Then move them to that directory.
:sunglasses: sometimes MP4s do not allow any modifcation unless you have reencoded them e.g. with XMediaRecode.
c) how full is your drive? If free space falls below the magic 10% then sometimes Windows cannot update the "Security description" and will not allow any modifications. This error wanders across the file system but usually hits the last modified files.

Thanks Ohrenkino for the response. By "changing directories" I meant that I changed to another directory and was able tor read/write files there. I did this to see if MP3Tag was installed and working properly. I did NOT move my problem files to anonther directory and try them there.

I have plenty of HD space but you bring up a good thought. Will move the files to new directory - check to insure archive bit is set properly and recode. Appreciate the help... :slight_smile: