Newbie quesion "title from file name"


A simple (i hope) question. How do i mass change titles from file names, or from tags. Furthermore, can i set an autonumber in the title?

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It is Simple. Select all the Files U wanna create Tags. I hope all your file names follow some pattern. Like "Album1-track01.mp3" somthing like this. Then go to the "Convert" menu. Select File Name to tag name.

There you can configure whatever ur file name pattrern is. (%artist% - %album% - %track% - %title%)

for ex, in my example the file name is


For this u create mask like "%album% - %title%"

as soon as I put the Mask, MP3TAG would show u the end result like
Album - Album1
Title - track01.

By viewing this U can adjust ur mask and then click ok.

Viola. U are all done.

Good Luck. I am not sure abt the Auto Number Wizard. I hope somebody else would answer it for U.

Since the first answer is very hard to read, I'll also post some explanation:

Just use one of the converters Tag - Filename and Filename - Tag. To number the title, use an action Format value for the field TITLE and a format string like

%title% $num(%_counter%,2)

This appends an incrementing number at the existing title.

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