Newbie question for Title extraction

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the wonderful program.

I have a title that looks like : TrackName [1128-1137] (Album Name)

How can get the part of the title, and get the value [1128-1137] say another tag eg comment?
PS: need a a bit of advice on the Regex
Thanks in advance

Try an action of the type "Guess value"
Source: %title%
Target pattern: %track% (%title%)

(I hope this is what you meant - you use such strange names for the fields).

Sorry for an ambiguous question, here it is better stated now... Please take an another look at the issue

trackname = TITLE?
[1128-1137] = a string with numbers
(Album name) = ALBUM?

And you only want to move the string with numbers?
So that you end up with
TITLE = %title% (%album%)
COMMENT = a string with numbers?

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I'd like to chime in :slight_smile:

@renu, if you really only want to move the range of numbers to another field, e.g., COMMENT and leave the TITLE field as it is, you can use an action "Guess value" with

Source: %title% and
Target pattern: %dummy% [%comment%] %dummy%

If you want to go further and also move track name and album name to their corresponding fields, use

Source: %title% and
Target pattern: %title% [%comment%] (%album%)

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Thank you @Florian that makes good sense to go a step up .
Also does the white space or blanks between the fields matter
thank you for your help

I'm imagining a trailing question mark on your sentence :grin: So yes, absolutely.

Essentially you're trying to match the structure of the original string with the target pattern. The blanks and parentheses are pointers for Mp3tag to denote the boundaries of the different parts of the text.

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