Newbie question - including artwork in batch tagging.

Hi, I have a search through the FAQs and forum but could find nothing that seemed to answer this.

I keep my music in a directory structure that has the form genre\artist\album and then I have a jpg in some directories called ART.JPG.

What I want to do is to re-tag all of files (there are loads of them) and include ART.JPG in those mp3s that have ART.JPG in their directory.

I can tag the files with genre artist and album OK but I cant figure out how to automatically include the jpgs in the same pass.

I can obviously select all the mp3s in each directory and add a jpg - but it would be nice to do the whole thing automatically.

Is this possible? If so a hint as to how to go about it would be very welcome :slight_smile:


It would have been interesting to see the way you found for the basic tagging as it would have been easier to describe the extension/modification for importing the cover.

Anyway: have a look at the FAQs on how to create a new action as you need this ability to create an action of the type "Import cover".
In the subsequent dialogue you can specify a name for the bitmap file - from your example it would be ART.jpg.
(variable would also be possible but apparently they are not necessary here).
Tick the box to keep or not keep existing covers as you require.
Close the dialogues.
Select the files, execute the action.

If this is a one-off then you can access the action type directly with the toolbar button "Actions (quick)". You would have to select the files prior to calling the quick actions, though.