Newbie question regarding years/date realeased


Hi everybody!

Hope someone can help me out here, it'd be greatly appreciated.

On iTunes, you can sort your songs by RELEASE DATE, but you can't edit it. It seems you can on Mp3tag, though. The bad thing is that I have no idea how to make it appear correctly on iTunes..

I have a couple of tracks which I have downloaded from the iTunes store, and these have the release date tag already on them, but the mp3s that I have uploaded from my cds don't.

the tag for an iTunes store bought album looks like this:

YEAR: 2007-06-23T07:00:00Z

so I thought that copy and pasting this to one of my mp3s from my cd, and then changing the date and year to what it was would work, but it didn't, and I have the feeling that it has something to do with the part that says T07:00:00Z.


Any ideas for what it means, and what I can do with it?


Thanks in advance!!


In Mp3tag you must edit/create the field RELEASETIME


Well... it's sort of worked, it displays the date, but it's not the one that I put.


I was able to add RELEASETIME to the columns and tag panel and I can add a date and save it but it doesn't change the "release date" in itunes.


Are you using Mp3tag v2.41? If not, please upgrade and try again.