Newbie question

Dear People,

I am a newbie to this wondeful program as well as to the forum.

I was able to get simple operations like remove double spaces and digits, change the case, and fill empty tag filds.

Now I am finding it difficult to accomplish the following.

I have mp3 files (2186 of them), many of which have file names in this pattern-

filename: Pyar Manga Hai - College Girl.mp3
album: Best Of Kishore Kumar
title: Track08

filename: Mai Chup Raha - Anokhi Baat.mp3
album: Sweet 60s
title: Track04

What I want to do is

cut what is between the dash(-) and the dot (.) before the filename extension (mp3) and paste the contents into the 'album' field

That is,
'College Girl' should relace 'Best Of Kishore Kumar' (in the first example)

'Anokhi Baat' should replace 'Sweet 60s' in the second one.

I would very much be obliged if some one can kindly help.


Try Convert > Filename - Tag
Enter as mask:
%dummy% - %album%

There is a preview in the dialogue.

Thanks one hell of a lot mr ohrenkino!
You suggestion worked like a charm!

Thank you once again!