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Wondering if mp3tag will do what I need - I had no interest in tags until I bought a creative zen sleek photo mp3 player, and that will only recognize tags, and not my filenames. I have always used filenames before without any problems.
I have 800+ mp3 files on my pc; some have tags because I ripped them from cd's, but most don't, I converted music from my LP's and old cassettes.
Can mp3tag take all my filenames and place them in the Title tag, and never mind the rest of the tags? If all my Title tags had my filenames, I think (assume) that I could arrange my music on my mp3 player without problem.

BTW, I tried hitting the filename to tag button, but nothing happened.. should have asked in my original post 'If mp3tag does what I need, how do I do it?' Thanks in advance!


:mt_ftt: Filename - Tag using %title% as format string will do the trick.

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:smiley: Great! Your software did what I needed! Thank you!!