newbie seeking gentle intro


I'm using mp3tag on a windows 98 system that has no access to the internet. We've a large number of mpegs on the system. I downloaded freedb and carried it, sneaker net style, and loaded it on the system as well.

My desire is to use mp3tag to work through the collection, updating the mp3s so that they have all the necessary album info, genre tags, etc.

However, when I've tried to figure out where to start with mp3tag, I'm a bit at a loss.
I can't even figure out how to tell the program where the freedb is, let alone figure out how to get the program to go through the collection and update.

Is there an hand-holding intro tutorial available that would help teach me the various features of the program?

Also, does mp3tag have the ability to rename / reorganize files ? I'd love to take a directory of mp3s and , after appropriate (and hopefully small number of) clicking, have a series of directories that reflect artist/album/number-title type organization. Is that even possible?


Why don't you have a look at the help or the FAQs on this forum? :slight_smile: