(Newbie) - Unsuccesful copying filename to title

I am trying MP3TAG for the first time, and could not get it to work correctly.

I want to copy the filename to the title. I created a new action, of the type "Format".

For the field, I selected TITLE.

For the value, I typed %filename%.

I selected an MP3 file and ran the action. It blanked out the title, and did not replace it with the filename.

I also tried a different new action that set the value to %_FILENAME%. That did not work either.

What am I missing?

  • David D.

MP3TAG ver. 2.47b. Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

This should help


If your file name is something like "Toto - Africa.mp3", your would type in "%artist% - %title%".

Thanks for the reference, Mike. "%_filename%" worked! My filenames were not standard; I had renamed them all manually.

I do not know what I typed wrong in my second action group definition.