Newbie using GUI to set tag based upon filename

Perhaps using this tool for my needs is like hunting grasshoppers with machine guns. Way too much tool for the job.

I listen to audio books on my MP3 player. Most of the time I can rip them and they will work just fine. Other times I have to edit the TAG information to get them to play in the correct order.

My current project has 291 tracks from 14 CD's.

Filename sample, D01 is Disk, T01 is track.

For sake of ease I want the Title to be just DB_TLS_D01-T01 so I highlighted all the tracks from Disk 1, and put %_filename% in the Title: listbox then clicked the floppy (save). The Title for all the tracks from disk one changed to (you guessed it) %_filename%.

Is it possible to use the %% codes from with in the GUI or is there a script type language I need to use?

Like I said, complete newbie.

Thanks for any help and or pointers to examples


There is a scripting language, but for this easy task you can use

Menu "Convert > filename - tag"

Enter %title% as format string.