Newbie with questions

Hi there, I'm also new to the program, but have used it successfully to perform batch operations on about 1,900 MP3s. I use a CSV input file for in-house created MP3s tagging.

There are two tag fields that I have not been able to attach to our MP3s (and the only way to get those done is to do it via iTunes which is an extra step I'd rather not perform).

  1. The iTunes "Grouping" field - is there any way to add that in? I looked in Tools - Options - Tag Panel, but it's not there. Any hope?

  2. We have our own album art (.jpg) that we want to attach to our files. There are about 40 .JPGs. I would like to attach those via an Excel CSV batch operation. Is this possible?

Thank you very much,

Harry C.

Let's make a new topic..

  1. The field name in Mp3tag for this is CONTENTGROUP

  2. Maybe it's possible. You must give more details..

Hi Dano, thanks for responding.

Let me try to explain the album art question better:

One of my hard disk contains a directory with 1,908 MP3 files. Another directoy contains some 40-50 .JPG files. Each of these .JPG files belongs to one or more MP3s.

What I'd like to set up is an Excel CSV file with 1,908 rows, where each row has the name of one of these JPG files. I would then highlight the directoy containing the MP3s, use the "Text File - Tag" button in MP3Tag, and, in one fell swoop, "attach" the JPGs to the MP3s, so that the JPG is now embedded in the MP3, and anybody who downloads the MP3, will automatically "have" the album art.

The Excel file would simply look like this:

etc. Note that each JPG will corresponds to many MP3s.

Am I making sense?

Thank you.

Harry C.

If the excel file has only one column with the picture name, then you must make sure that the file order in Mp3tag is the same as in the excel file.
Then you can use "Text File - Tag" and put the picture names in a tag field by using i.e. %picname% as format string (or whatever tag field you want).

Finally run the "Import cover from file" action with this format string as filename: