Newbie's Question: Filter - artist is Yes" and album contains "remaster*

I have tried so many combinations an can't find the right one to show me a list of Yes' remastered albums - bah! I know it can be done, of course, I just can't do it! The tags are consistent and I have read scores of threads, but I can't transfer the right information to brain and thence fingers.

Please tell me how I can filter to show tracks where the artist field is/contains "Yes" and the album file contains "remaster*" - thanks so much.

On a similar note, I'm having trouble filtering for the genre field where the Genre is "Blues, Blues Rock" or "Blues" or "Blues Rock, Blues" and I want ONLY tracks where the Genre is ONLY "Blues". I think I might have to use an "if" filter, but I haven't wrapped my head around that yet.


%Artist% IS Yes AND %album% HAS Remast
%Artist% HAS Yes AND %album% HAS Remast

%genre% IS Blues
%genre% MATCHES "^Blues$"

see also the help on filters:

Thank you so much for such a speedy reply: I can use those examples as templates for further learning!

Best wishes

Ah! I missed this when I first read the help text:

All filter keywords must be uppercase.

Silly me :slight_smile: