News fields displayed in capital letters. How to fix?

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- Figure 1

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In order for the program to be even better for my needs, I created new fields directly in the tags panel. Unfortunately, when this field(s) are created - the normal use of writing is not possible, I mean, the first letter in capital letters and the rest are normal. It only allows you to create new fields for entering data containing all uppercase letters (????) . I can't customize so that these new fields are displayed the same as the others with the inserted tags. Remembering that it is only in the display of this information of the field names. The information entered as tags in these same fields are displayed as I write them. In other words, as I said, it is only in the field names and I would like any field that you create and/or modify, to be displayed like all the others. It may seem silly but I really believe that it can be fixed/corrected as it also demonstrates that it is out of aesthetics.
Thank you in advance for the possible solution.

TBH: I don't understand the problem.
The field names by which they get referenced e.g in the variables are always shown in capitals.
You can check this e.g. in the extended tags dialogue: the field for the artist appears as ARTIST and the contents can be referenced with %artist%.
The label in the tag panel can be set according to your needs with the spelling and the cases that you like.
I don't know what figure 2 shows, yet I doubt that "writing application" is an actual field name but rather the label.

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