NextPVR cannot access tags for CD ripped using EAC to FLAC

New User - I downloaded MP3TAG after finding that NextPVR is unable to find metadata for CDs ripped using EAC to FLAC/WAV files. The only file I thought I could find to send to the MUSIC folder I point NextPRV to was "mp3tag.html; NextPVR wasn't able to use it. I did a search of the support forum but didn't see a relevant post / response; my apologies if I missed it.

I'm guessing I'm missing something about what needs to be copied/exported to the MUSIC folder.
Any help / suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thanks a bunch,

PS: I'm relatively tech fluent BUT I haven't coded in 30 years so I can't keep up with many of you if responses go too deep.

PPS: I am using KODI as my front end, with PLEX and NextPVR behind

Check if you have Vorbis Comments and ID3 tags in the files. There should not be any ID3 tags.
But if there are, cut and paste the tags with the MP3tag context menu functions.