Nice old options... (and request of some new)

In older versions were some kind options:

  • selectable directory of export configurations -- it would be nice to get back (and extend to other options), instead of copying files again and again to keep sincronise the users (similarly the actions, and also the 40+ Mb freedb local index should be in local freedb directory);
  • the checkbox "Use padding" in mpeg/write;
  • possibility to deciding if leading zeros are used in tracknums when filename tagcreating;
  • and also any way to choose the replacer of invalid characters when tags to filenames, instead of pronto drop them (but would be more nice the use of a complete customizable or user defined "conversion table", e.g. "ß"->"ss" "à"->"a" "/"->" - " and so on)...
    ... or may be I just didn't find them; in that case exuse my blindness and ignore me.

And forth, my wishes and big hopes. Would be nice

  • if the list order was changeable manualy (for autonumbering);
  • to use multiple fields (and the custom columns too) plus reg.exp. in filter (or it works?),
  • if the filter was not forget the selection on filter change or was a similar find for create/add to selection;
  • to detect duplicate files, also if tags are different (to compare files audiodata or simply compare with already exported %_md5audio%-hashes/audiosize);
    • and finaly detection/removal of junk data, and repear wrong vrb header, if maybe. Etc.

With and without these, Mp3tag is the best and cleanest mass taging tool so far -- in tandem with TC plugin is my favorite, what I use day by day over five-six years (v2.16 up to now). Many thanks for UTF8 and custom columns, these are great!