nickless color schemes directory list


Hey Nickless,

In regards to the 'nickless color schemes directory list' config:

One thing I am noticing with my fellow clan members and family etc is they usually figure out they can change the color for the page by clicking a color scheme BUT most if not all didn’t realize you can choose how the color is applied to the pages such as by clicking Gradient, Repeat, Mirror etc.

So to start with, maybe there’s a way you can alter the configuration output so the pages are a little more self explanatory with regards to the whole changing color thing? Just a thought but I was thinking maybe I would try and do the same in the mean time if I can figure out how. But anyway that’s the first thing I am finding with peeps that didn’t realize you could do that.

The other thing I see is some of the more basic colors if you will on the white backgrounds have a header graphic that often doesn’t change color to match the basic color being applied to the lists below it. Maybe something there could be done for a little color matching? I duno

The last thing, which is gona be tuff I am sure is depending on what color scheme a person chooses, sometimes they et one that makes the text very hard to read depending on where it falls within the gradient repeat. Not sure what to do there but just something I noticed as well.

I am also gona play around with some different color ideas and if I find a good one I will forward on to you and see if its something you want to include in the config.

Well back at it, cya laterz


Hi eXo!

Hm... Interesting behaviour... :huh:
IMHO it's really difficult not to notice these options because they are close to color schemes and whole popup thing...

It's difficult with graphics, a cover will mostly fit only in some schemes, it's possible to take one background color for each color scheme, but I mean, if the picture doesn't match the color of current scheme, just change the scheme...

Normally i'm trying to keep text readable, but some mistakes are possible, I'll look at them one more time.

Thanks for feedback, cu


Ok i just came accross something not sure if you can work with or not.

One option that doesnt seem to work is when you do a right click on a properly linked mp3 and choose 'Save Target As' with Internet Explorer, it comes back with an error.

Error - Internet Explorer Can not download from 'play_file(2).
No Such Interface Supported

So i am wondering what the chances are of making that work so if peeps wanted to do a straight download instead of listening to a particular song they could?

It obvious to me that the reason the browser is giving that error message is cause the browser and javascript are not communicating the same language in a sense so the browser defaults to an error.

p.s. Doing a Shift+Left Click doesnt seem to work either which is essentialy the same way of trying to force a direct download.

Any thoughts?


Just replace

javascript:play_file('' + i + '')

in the line 1107 by

'' + a'['i']''['16']' + ''

I've made a function for playing files to be able to change playing behaviour easily.

Edit: P.S. after it, you can delete function "play file"