.nnn values zeroed when using preserve timestamps option

Firstly, I've been using Mp3tag for about two years now, and it's saved me so much time and made life much more convenient. Thanks for all of the work that goes into it.

I often use Mp3tag as a context renamer with the Tag->Filename option in addition to my regular batch tagging needs. Recently I was working with some files and realized that the .nnn values of the files were being zeroed any time I used Mp3tag on them, even though the rest of the modification time was preserved, and even if I never edited the tags themselves, but just used the renaming function. I'm using 2.45a.

Say, for instance, the readout from mediainfo (and therefore the values I use with wintouch to modify the timestamps later) was:

mediainfo --inform=file://c:/template.txt "03 - Straight Lines.mp3"
2010-01-08 16:10:35.156
2010-01-08 16:10:39.640

The template just pares down the readout from mediainfo to the Local Created and Modified timestamps, it only consists of:

If I use Mp3tag to rename the file according to %artist% - %title%, the timestamp becomes:

mediainfo --inform=file://c:/template.txt "Charlotte Hatherley - Straight Lines.mp3"
2010-01-08 16:10:35.000
2010-01-08 16:10:39.000

Thanks for taking the time to look at this.

This has been fixed in one of the recent releases.