No Automatic Sort Mp3 Files

Sorry if this question exist, I try to search, no find results. :frowning:
In the mp3's load moment in mp3tag, some files (the first files many times) show in no-sort alpha order, then press F5, Mp3Tag reload all... and then yes now, mp3's files is in perfect sort. Why?

Well... still wait one answer to my question... four days later, nothing happen :frowning:

Until... one question more, is possible expect in new versions, for selecting one mp3, Mp3Tag load all mp3 files contains in one folder?
At least be good idea, one user election possibility... actually for load all mp3 files contains in one folder, is necessary select all mp3 files.

You can click on the header of one of the columns in the file view. The next time, the files are automatically sorted by the content of this column.

You can also edit single files with Mp3tag, not only whole directories. Can you please be a little bit more specific?

No no... of course I work like you explain (is basic)... but no, don't work.

In newest version... mi work method... (fail method)
Select one mp3 files, only load one mp3 file, my idea is one alternative for the user, for back to old method or at least sorting in perfectly sort order.

Thanks Florian for answer.

Edit 10-21-2007
I back to older mp3tag version (2.38). Found too problems (maybe for my work mode) in version 2.39.
In Version 2.38 mp3files are loaded in correct sort order.