No Change in File Tags

I feel like there must be a simple solution here and I am doing something very wrong but I can figure it out!

I am using an external hard-drive and mediamonkey. I export a playlist as an .m3u and then load the playlist to mp3tag. All of the files come up fine and I can see all of the tags including comment, which is what I want to change. I highlight all the files and then on the left side it changes all of the values to which is good. I add my behind the tag in the comment section so it now reads " wedding". I save the files and it says that it is saving (I see the little status bar) and then it says it's all done. I go to check the file in Mediamonkey or just by opening the file and viewing the info and the tag "wedding" has NOT been added. If I right click and open the individual file in Mp3tag the comment column shows " wedding"

Please help :frowning:

This seems to be a conglomeration of misunderstanding and misuse.
Don't worry, I stepped into the same trap some time ago.

  1. You are here in the Mp3tag forum, for Mediamonkey related problems ask over there.

  2. The Mp3tag Tag-Panel contains some edit boxes with attached history list, which offer special preset 'commands' when two ore more files are selected, e. g. '< blank >' or '< keep >'.
    These preset entries are not object to be changed by the user.

  3. In the erroneous case of some text has been added to the special edit box preset 'command' entry, and [Ctrl]+[S] 'Save Tag' has been performed, then Mp3tag uses this altered text value as a newly user defined list entry!
    In your case, now there exist two entries in the edit box list: '< keep >' and '< keep > wedding'.

  4. If you want to add some text to an existing tag-field value, then use the action or converter tools.
    For example see ...


Great this is exactly what I needed, I knew it was probably something simple.

Thanks for the help!