No choices for "Case Conversion"

When I click on Actions > Case conversions, I just get a box flash on the screen, then everything is changed to Mixed Case.
I don't seem to be able to select any of the other options.

Any ideas (or can someone supply me with the correct file) ?


Using v3.21 (now 3.21f)

If you select an action from the action groups in the action menus, then this action is executed immediately.

If you want to get a choice, either edit that action group or call an "Action (Quick)" from the toolbar or via the shortcut Shift-Alt-6 and select the action of the type "Case conversion" there.

Thats because you choosed to direct call this predefined conversion Action.
If you have a look at Actions -> Actions you see all the existing predefined actions. One of them is called "Case conversions".

You can adjust this action to your needs or add own actions whenever you need a new one.

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Thank You !

All sorted now.


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