No column for Rating in "FMPS_Rating" tag in ID3v2.3?

As far as I know the newest tag definition IDv2.3 offers a new tag field "FMPS_Rating" which could contain the user rating for the song. Its a value of 0.0,....,1.0 where the floating point values are mapped as follows to the "usual" 0 to 5 stars:

0.0 or empty = No star/No rating
0,01...0,2 = 1 Star
0,81....1.0 = 5 Stars

Unfortuantely Mp3tag does not offer a corresponding column which shows the current value in this tag.
Can this column be added?

Thank you

The most recent (but still almost twenty years old) version of ID3 is 2.4, but does not have a tag field of that name either. Check out POPULARIMETER, RATING_MM, RATING_WINAMP and RATING_WMP, though (which are all using the same field in different ways).

Use "View > Extended Tags" to see all tags that a file has so you see what name Mp3tag uses.
Then go to "View > Customize columns" to add a new column with the tag field you need, i.e %FMPS_Rating%