No Cover Art on Export

When I export album with html_dano_album cover and upon viewing with Internet Explorer or any other browser (on Windows 7 64bit) this is what I get (no cover art):


Have a look at the export script to check what kind of file has been linked by the script (I take it that the script exports plain text but leaves out the images).
So you would have to use the action to export the images in an extra step.
(What is this export script? I cannot find it in the forum. Could you give me a hint?)

Here is a copy of the script (it was included in the original download of MP3tag:


Album Display of "%_directory%"
No Cover! Directory: %_directory%
Artist: %artist%
Album: %album%
Genre: %genre%
Year: %year%
Codec: %_codec%
Settings: %_bitrate% kbps %_vbr% / %_samplerate% khz / %_mode%
Written Tags: %_tag%
Total Size: %_total_size%
Total Tracks: %_total_files%
Total Length: %_total_time%
$num(%_counter%, 2) $replace(%artist% - %track% - ,- -,-)%title% %_length% %_file_size% %_bitrate%kbps %_vbr% %_samplerate%khz %_mode%
made on %_datetime% with %_app% - the universal Tag Editor

There is a line that refers to the file folder.jpg

You would have to export that file folder.jpg as well with an action of the type "Export cover".

Thanks very much will try this.