No Dialog box for exporting as CSV

I don't know if Windows 10 discarded the dialog box for exporting a file as a CSV but there used to be.
Now, all it does is export the file in a way that is unuseful. You use to be able to set how the file was supposed to be exported and when you click on EDIT you can't edit the CSV file. I've been using MP3TAG for years and this is the first time I've come across this.

Please tell us exactly your steps inside Mp3tag that we can try to reproduce your reported behaviour. Maybe a screenshot of your "can't edit the CSV file" would help too.

Olease check Tools>Options>Messages "When exporting tags" - whether this option is ticked.

Every Export is saved as a text file with the extension MTE.
To edit an Export, the MTE file must be opened with a text editor, like Notepad.
Try associating MTE files with Notepad, or your favourite text editor.
Like this:

Or try this method: