No edit button for folder permissions

I have a saved settings file for mp3tag which I copy to the mp3tag program folder after a new installation to restore my settings. After that i need to change the permissions of the mp3tag program folder. In Windows 10 there used to be an edit button in the properties / security windows of the program folder. In Windows 11 there is no edit button any more, so I can't change the permissions of the folder. Here's a screenshot:

How can I get the edit button back, or is there a simpler way to restore my settings?

Isn't that a W11 question?
But perhaps you don't need that.
See the documentation on where MP3tag expects the user settings:

I also noticed after installation of mp3tag I see no mp3 folder in %appdata%. All mp3tag files are stored in programfiles. That may be the cause of the issue.
I have uninstalled mp3tag and reinstalled, but still I see no files in %appdata%
I used standard installation and V3.18

EDIT: Interesting, mp3tag about says portable installation

I have now uninstalled again and reinstalled, making sure standard installation is selected. Still installs as portable

As you have saved your configuration - and have moved it away from the program folder ...
Remove anything that belongs to MP3tag from the program folder.
Install with the standard method.
Then see whether it is still a portable installation.

I have uninstalled mp3tag again, then

  • created mp3tag folder in appdata
  • copied my setting to appdata
  • installed mp3tag using standard installation

After installation it still shows a portable install
configuration folder is shown as C:\Program Files\Mp3tag

Did you delete the previous program folder prior to the new installation?
I think that the file mp3tag.cfg has to go from the program folder.

The mystery is solved.
I was installing the x64 version, while a 32bit (portable) version was still installed
Uninstalled both versions and started from scratch and now everything is fine. the installer created the appdata folder.
Copying my setting to the appdata folder gave no permission errors and gave me back my setting.
THANKS for bearing with me on this

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