no embedded album art in ver. 250?!?

:laughing: First of all Hi to all, since this is my first post.

I've got a problem with my MP3tag software after I'd done a upgrade from 249a to 2.50.
Before i could select a large collection of file, regardless of all the different album art.
Remove all the album content (listed as multiple covers) and past a new cover.

All the file had their album art embedded in the file, which i consider a brilliant option, after tagging.
But now nothing happens..

Cant find a option in the setting to put this option back on.

What is wrong here?

p.s. where can i download previous versions, for a rollback.. ?

:huh: Hmm.. It does embed the covers, but not on all files..

Let me me fist do a scan with MP3val..