No end in sight

There are several features of this site that are really great -- better than any of the other dozens of forums I have used. I was curious as to what forum software it was using, so I tried to scroll down to see the footer, which is where that sort of information is usually located. To my surprise, there is no footer. The list of whatever I am viewing just keeps expanding and expanding. It reminded me of some family trips I was on as a kid: "Are we there yet?"

While I the benefits of this implementation, I think the drawbacks outweigh it. My suggestion is to have a fixed number of lines per page that can be set by the user with some default. One of the settable options can be the current behavior if some people like it that way.

This would allow some useful information to be placed in the footer.

Just my 2 cents.

This is the usual behaviour of any Discourse forum.

To scroll down to the end or to some specific point you can use the slider on the right side. Drag it down and you see the changing number and the total number of available entries.

Perhaps, this is the first forum I have visited that uses this software. But just because it is "usual" doesn't make it optimal. I think it is not.

No, you can't. As long as there are additional items in whatever list you are viewing, scrolling down by whatever means only causes the software to add more items to the display leaving you a scroll or more from the bottom.

I have never seen this behavior in any forum using any of the mainstream software such as Xenforo, vBulletin, or phpBB. Most of them have a user settable page limit. I can choose to see 25, 50, 100, etc. lines per "page".

I am also not a big fan of the "new" never-ending web pages that pop up here and there. Especially because using the browsers navigation usually fails, eg. you can't go back when you click a link.

However on this forum software you can scroll to the end by using the forum provided slider (not the one from your browser). That scroller have some benefits like time stamp, so it helps a lot.

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It's not possible to change the infinite scroll to a more fixed version of display via a user setting or even via additional development effort. It's a design decision the Discourse makers have made and from similar requests on Discourse Meta, I don't think that will change anytime soon.

This is not my experience with Discourse, but it might depend on the browser you're using. Discourse usually works best with the latest versions of the various popular browsers.

Yeah I guess it does not affect Discourse forum in the same way. It was more a general observation.

Anyway one of the key selling points of Discourse is a forum without pages so that will be the last option they will ever change, even if their lives would be at stakes! :crazy_face:

There are at least 4 possibilities to jump to the end of every Discourse topic:

a) Use the vertical scrollbar from your Browser
b) Use the same vertical scrollbar using your mouse wheel
c) Use the vertical slider (previously aka as "gutter") on the right side of every topic to navigate to every single answer or to the latest answer which is the end of the topic
d) Press the End key of your keyboard and you jump to the latest answer of the actual topic, this works at least for the browsers «Google Chrome», «Microsoft Edge» and «Mozilla Firefox»

All the above is assuming that you read this Discourse forum on a device with a keyboard and mouse, not a smartphone or a tablet.