No image info on discogs fetch

Since yesterday discogs image info is not appearing in the results and does not fetch the image - example search artist+title for The Appointments - I Saw You There.

The resulkts page shows no image however the actual page has images.

This was woirking fine for me but no longer as of today. any ideas?

This started happening today. When using the Cover Art function with Discogs, it is not pulling the cover at all. It finds the albums with no issue but the cover section is always blank. No matter which album I test out. This was always a huge thing for me and what made this so great. Now I have to go search the albums manually on google and save the cover and then add it that way. More tedious. I have revoked access to Discogs and added it back. Did not help. I am using the latest version as well.

Thanks in advance for any help.

The server I'm using as Discogs Image Cache ran out of hard-drive space so I needed to add some more.

It's now serving 475+ GB of cover art and everything should be back to normal again. Thanks for pointing!

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Thanks Florian. by the way blackspider - you can just drag and drop from a google image search. click on the image so it shows it fullk size on the right, then drag and drop straight onto mp3tag :slight_smile:
i do that when discogs has a small image.