No leading zeros in MP4 track# field

Mp3tag does not add zeros in the tag mp4 file. After using the feature to add zeros in the "Wizard automatic numbering" I still remain the number one digital.

My version:

Leading zeros are not supported for the track number field in MP4 tags.

Not good, but thank you for your reply. I miss that, because I need to add one zero (file name), before a single number. Missing feature that has added zero to the number on the title you select song, eg 1-9. Listen to mp3's on home DVD player, which in turn did not see a list of songs, as there is no zero at the numbers 1-9. Regards and thank you for a fantastic program.

If a tag-field datatype does not allow a leading zero, then it does not mean that a filename cannot carry a leading zero.
Use Mp3tag function $num() to format a number as you need it.