No longer getting any matches


Recently, whenever I try to get a freedb match, it returns no matches. I put a packet sniffer on it and it's sending the data correctly, and getting a valid web page with the information back, just doesn't recognize it. Maybe the format on the web page changed?

Anyway, if I enter the id directly, it works fine.




Maybe you should have a look at the rest of the forum before posting?

freedb web search update :slight_smile:


Thanks, don't know how I missed the earlier post.

BTW, in looking at the source file, it looks like a script for a html parsing function. I've written several "screen scrapers", but have always just coded the logic in, which means when the webpage changes, I have to update the entire app. I like the idea of having the screen format logic in a file like this. Is this something you wrote, or is it a public domain function?




This is something I wrote by myself. It's a perfect example on how to parametrize programs using external metadata as described in the wonderful book The Pragmatic Programmer :slight_smile: