No system sound in 3.04 which was in 2.99


i updated my 2.99 release to 3.04.
this feature is missing now :

when i saved, there is no more sound (basic windows sound i guess).

i use Win7 x64, maybe you canceled this feature due to end of support ?

sir, thank you for your reply.

Best regards

i discovered i had to activate the notification message to hear the sound...

it is a "pin in the ass" because, before i could save and go to other application in my workflow and use my ear to know all is ok.
Now i have to wait the end of the save operation and clic another button !

You should add another option in the message window :
:white_check_mark: Ear a default window sound system

and another better option :
:ballot_box_with_check: desable the notification when all item of total are saved, just play the sound and release the instance and the focus to system

other sound notification is disappear :
when you use rename by tag from toolbar (tag-->filename).
no sound complete anymore... :sob:

As you wrote above you know how to change that in the options.
So why don't you just do it and all is like you are used to?

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