No tag data visible in 2.83

I'm not sure if this is a configuration issue or a bug. I've got around 4000 MP3 tracks, about 3450 of which I've also ripped from CD and stored as FLACs. I use MP3Tag to managed both file formats.

I've just noticed that MP3Tag 2.83 isn't displaying any tag data for most of the MP3 files and incomplete data for the rest (about 100 of the 4000). However, it seems to be showing the correct data for all of the FLAC files.

When I examine the files in either the standard Windows Properties window or the file properties window in Winamp, the files still contain all of the tag data (see the attached image). All of the files contain cover art; all of the MP3s contain ID3v2.3 tags, some also contain v1 tags and I think most (if not all) also contain APE tags.

I was trying to find a way to remove all of the ID3 v1 tags so I changed the read/write/remove settings in the Tags options, but I don't think that caused the app to stop displaying the data that's still present in the files. I put the settings back to the way I think they were already, but it hasn't made any difference. I also downloaded the latest beta (2.83h) and the tags are still not being shown.

What's the best way to reset the configuration? Is this a common problem with a known solution?

Thanks in advance.

If you don't need APE remove them by checking remove APE in the settings.

Typically it's the players you play your music on that determines the tag types you use.

Here are my settings for v2.4. Change to 2.3 or other as required.

I started using v2.4 recently because as of March this year windows 10 started supporting them.

EDIT: For your needs, keep the same as me only uncheck write ID3v1 in the write section and obviously choose the type of ID3v2.x you want.

Yes, this is a common problem: MP3tag has an internal priority to display tags:
So if some software used APE tags but did not copy all the tag data to the APE tags, you see only parts of the tag - the data stored in the V2 tags is not shown if there are APE tags.
As flac files have Vorbis Comment tags and no APE tags, you see the complete data.

You now have the task to check whether you have any sensible data in the APE tags - probably this is just replaygain stuff which you can get rid of causing no problems.

Open Tools>Option>Tags>Mpeg and adapt the settings for the various scenarios:

To check what is in the APE tags, set MP3tag to read nothing but APE tags. Do not save anything now as this could overwrite other tag data.

Then check what is actually in the V2.3 tags: switch off reading APE, switch on reading V2 (and V1, does not harm).
Also set delete to all tag types and set write to V2.3 UTF-16 (and possibly V1, does not do any harm).

If the V2 tags show the data that you miss, then take portions of the files, cut the tags and paste them again with the function from the file list context menu. This should get rid of the APE tags.

If you consider this way as a too dangerous one (there is a time when your files are without tags and the data is only present in the clipboard) then you could also start the freeware mp3val - this utility usually considers APE tags as "Garbage at end" and removes them. You are then left with nothing but the ID3Vx tags.

Thanks for the advice. Turning read off for APE solves the display problem in MP3Tag. I've disabled both reading and writing for APE tags, which I assume means that MP3Tag will leave them untouched (as ohrenkino thought, I've done replaygain on everything and I'd like to keep it unchanged). I'll leave it set to delete ID3v1 tags and leave APE unread and untouched.

Thanks again.