No Tags when MP3's imported to PC DJ using vers 2.42

I can't get version 2.42 working with PC DJ.It say's it has tagged the files, and within the program it does look like it has - yet when I import them into pc dj all I get is 3 strange symbols for each track & artist.I was using vers 2.27 and that was fine. I've looked at all the settings and they seem ok too.On importing the newly tagged files after being tagged with v 2.42 into vers 2.27, the tags don't show up. But it DOES work going from 2.27 to 2.42 ! I havn't got the 2.27 setup anymore and can't find it to put on the new machine, hence trying to get the new version going.Any help please appreciated.

You need to change the tag encoding in the program options
Read here: /t/2785/1