Non-ASCII characters in .cue files (cuesheet)

I open a (not embedded, simply a .cue file) cue sheet file in Mp3tag. As far, as I know, it can manage cue sheets, too. If I am wrong, then stop reading. :smiley:

In fact, all works fine, except of one strange thing. I want to change three or more dots (...) to a special "threedots" character. (So called "ellipsis".) In a title, or anywhere.

Text in title: Beforetext ... aftertext
Action: simple replacement in title, ... to …
Result: Beforetext
The action cuts the three dots and ALL AFTER THEM.

I tried:
Replace ... to $char(8230)
Regex .{3,} to …
Regex .{3,} to $char(8230)
Regex .{3,}(.*) to $char(8230)$1

Without success -- the same strange result. Of course, these actions work fine on a simple FLAC or any else. And: the same strange thing, if I try to replace an apostrophe (') to typographic one (’) -- all text is clearing after it.

Why? Thanks in advance.

The simple replace seems to work:

The regular expression is missing a \, I think

Sorry, no, it does not work. (Regex: I simply did not copy the backslash here, but I used it.) But it turns out: the thing is not the replacement itself, but the characters in the .cue file. (By the way: UTF-8 with byte order mark. I tried UTF-16, Mp3tag can not see it.) In the above case, the new (to what replace) characters: "threedots" or typographical apostrophe.

And: it seems, most of non-ASCII characters. If I simply insert into the (for example) title some ä, é, ö, ü, ó (or "threedots" or typographical apostrophe, and so on), that character and all after it is cutted after saving. Tried the other .cue file, too. Tried other fields, too: artist, albumartist. And here is a new one, again: I can not insert any text into genere or comment fields.

Maybe, summarized, after all, Mp3tag can not handle .cue files? It would be a pity: I have more than a hundred of complicated action groups saved. It is possible to recreate them all in the PowerGREP (also a great application, even better for regex, of course). But it is not very comfortable to handle everything in two places (Mp3tag and PowerGREP).