non commercial cds traded bootlegs

I have a couple hundred of bootleg cds that the id tags are messed up or the files have no name. Will this software help me and if it can , can someone help me? Thanks Dale <_<

Do you really expect people in this forum to openly support dubious actions on material that looks like coming from illegal sources? I have read your post but I am afraid, I can't help you.

Whats so dubious about it? Its openly traded and never sold. There are thousands of blogs that post this material for free. Im sorry if I offended you in any way.

Millions of flies can't wrong?

MP3tag is a program that easily lets you manipulate the tags in MP3 tracks.
To my understanding CDs usually are in a different format.
So you first of all would have to transform your CD files into the mp3 format.
MP3tag does not do that. E.g. CDex is a program that converts CDs into mp3.

part of the conversion is to fill in some of the information about that CD. I would search the forum for the CD converter to find how it deals with bootleg CDs.

After the conversion you may use MP3tag to maintain you library.