Non English tagging

I have a few songs in my library that are tagged with non-English characters. However, searching via voice recognition requires that the artist name or song name be in English.

I'm using Alexa to connect to my music server and Alexa is good at recognising the artist name. However, the music server which also supports Unicode characters is not able to find the artists by their name as the name is in a different language.

Is there a way to add the Artist, Title and Album Name in English and native languages without having the artist name be non-English and English in the same line?

Surely there is a clean solution that would display the artist name in the native language while also recognising the English version/pronunciation of the name right?

Isn't this a player problem?
I think you have to find out under which conditions your player behaves in the way you expect it.
MP3tag will probably able to help you on the way.
MP3tag can create user-defined fields to store the native name.
MP3tag can append an existing field so that it shows both languages.
MP3tag can copy field contents from one field to another.
MP3tag can edit field contents.
Which function or combination of functions you need you have to investigate together with the support of your player.
It could be, though, that the limitations of your individual software selection will lead to unsatisfying results.

Thank you for your help.

I'm using Navidrome. I just tried adding the "Artist" tag more than once and mp3tag allowed me to do that but it looks like Navidrome will only recognise the first tag and only one of each type.

Yes, as I say: a player problem.
You could try whether ARTISTSORT would help.

Tried that. I think this might be a Navidrome issue. If I search globally it actually comes up with the artist but under the "Artists" category it only finds the non-English one.

Thank you so much. I will post a question in the Navidrome Discord channel and see if there is a way. I thought this was a tagging issue.