Non-Latin Encoding

Hi everybody,

I have some asian mp3 files which are displayed correctly,
although the ID3 tag claims to be encoded in ISO-8859-1.

This is great, and I am wondering, how can this be achieved?
How does Mp3Tag autodetect the actual, correct encoding?

Thank you

I do not know, but have a question.
What tag types are stored in one of these "asian" files and what tag type is currently used?
See list view column, Name= TagRead (TagTypes), Value=%_tag_read%[ (%_tag%)]


It says ID3 v2.3. I can also provide the file in question, if necessary.

What do you expect to be the correct situation?

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It says ID3 v2.3. I can also provide the file in question, if necessary.

Hmm, ... yes, a file, but without the music.
Create an empty text file "dummy.txt", then rename the file to "dummy.mp3", then use Mp3tag and get both files "asian.mp3" and "dummy.mp3" into list view, then use the Mp3tag clipboard and copy the entire Tag from the original "asian.mp3" file into the "dummy.mp3" file, then check and compare the successfully copy result on files "asian.mp3" and "dummy.mp3" using the dialog "Extended tags...".
Let us see the "dummy.mp3" file.

So you have ...
... one mp3 file
... with only one embedded tag type ID3v2.3
... with character encoding ISO 8859-1
... with tag-fields, which are filled with "asian letters", which are given to be correct.
What asian language is it?


Ok, I performed some experiments.

First of all, the file has Korean tags. They are displayed correctly, which surprises me
as they are encoded in Latin-1, which should lead to garbled results. So all is well, this
is not a bug, but I'm trying to find out how the magic works.

  1. Copying the tags does work, but in the "dummy" file, the encoding is UTF-16.
  2. I just trimmed the sample file down to the first second and will attach it to this post.

korea_short.mp3 (11.7 KB)

Not all tags (frames) in this file are encoded with iso, some are encoded with utf-16 (the korean ones).
In Id3v2 not all tags must have the same encoding.
Therefore the display of the encoding in Mp3tag is not always accurate.