Not a problem, but a curious question about loading up large amounts of files

My collection is rather large, its around 43K songs, when I right click on the directory and send them to MP3TAG, the bar load shows X of XXXXX tracks counting up as it loads......and typically moves very fast. Then in certain spots, it literally 1 to 2 seconds between songs, then continues counting up real fast again. To load up the 43K songs take about 25 minutes from start to finish.

Other times when I only look at say 5K of the songs, it counts quick, and if I close the program and reopen it (reopening the 5K songs immediately) its like lightning when it reloads.

Does anyone know why it hangs like that? I know some of the files are over 100Meg in size, all MP3, all "tagged" fairly thee good.

It doesn't make sense why sometimes it loads incredible fast, and other times, slow, this behavior has been through out several versions.

I am running a core 2 duo, 2GB ram, win7, and the machine is fairly robust, so I know its not an age thing.....

Just looking for some possible insight.....



hard disc cache?
Check the hard disk LED during those "hang" times - if it stays on all the time instead of flickering then the internal grooming slows down the access.
As you also notice that repeated loads of the same files increases the speed this also indicates that it is a problem/the normal behaviour of the hard disc cache.

The harddisk is lit all the time, whether fast or slow, its a 7200 RPM 500GB drive with it is very fast and robust, over 95MB/s according to HDTACH.

Just thought it was odd.....