Not able to remove lyrics and comment tag


So coming strait to the point

when i play the mp3 in vlc or other player it shows website name.

i search in media info it shows that there are lyrics and comments section tag.

i thought to remove it by the software by not able to do it.

in mp3tag i see that places blank. i even searched and created a lyrics tab but not able to search that tags which i see in media info.

please help

Thanks to the developers to make such a good program. i m using it for more than 4 year

See the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) to see which tag fields you have.


The tag which we are searching is not shown here

Thank you for the extended tags dialogue dump.
It shows that the file also contains APE tags - but apparently you don't read them.
Check Tools>Options>Mpeg>Tags for that.
It is advisable to remove the APE tags.

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Thanks man.

It worked now. you solved a huge problem. mpeg tag is problem i.e. APEv2. i removed them and it worked.