Not able to save cover art.



In the latest betas of Mp3tag you can add cover art which is great. However, I am not able to save the tag with the cover art I added. It saves the tag, but the cover art isn't there. I know it's a beta, but I was wondering if I do something wrong, or if saving of cover art isn't implemented yet?



You can add cover art since v2.34
It's only new in the tag panel.

Do you press Ctrl+S or click on :mt_save: after you have added the cover?
Please say what kind of audio files you are using and what are the tag settings in the options?


I have tried using Extended Tags and add it from there. I have also tried to add it from the new cover art panel entry in the latest beta. No go. When I press :mt_save: it seems to be saving since it grinds a little for each file, but when done there's no cover art to bee seen in the cover art field or in extended tags. I am trying to add it to normal mp3 files which has previously been tagged with mp3tag (been a user for quite a while). The only "unusual" about my mp3s is that they all have Replay Gain added to them by Winamp. Other than that there's nothing unusual about them. All my cover art is stored as jpgs in the album folder with the name "Folder.jpg", but I wanted to try to add it to the tag itself instead of having separate cover art files.

Sorry for not being more detailed in my first post, but I thought this could be something that was simply not implemented yet.



Replay Gain uses APE tags to store the values. in nearly all cases APE tags are the source of unexpected behaviour going along with ID3V2 tags. Since I've realized this, I do not have those compatibility problems any more. Get rid of APE tags in general. If you really need replay gain control then you can do this with foobar 2000, which embeds the values into ID3V2 tags.



The latest Winamp versions that have native replay gain write the values to ID3v2 only.

Can you post a screenshot of "Options > Tags > Mpeg" and of the "extended tag view" of one file?


Thank you for the advice. I copied a couple of albums to another folder. I removed absolutely all tags from these files. I even checked Extended Tags to make sure there were no tags in the file. Then I used the Amazon tag source to add new tags to the file (no APE) and the image that came from Amazon. The tags were saved but no images were saved to the files! I then tried to add it from my local image files. The tag got saved again, but no images. This is driving me nuts. I have absolutely no clue why the images won't save to the file.



Here's the two attachments you asked for. Thank you for taking the time looking into this. I now also downloaded another tag program and tried to add cover art with that. It worked and I could see the art in CD Art Display which I use with Winamp for displaying cover art. However, mp3tag does not see the art added with the other tag program (Zortam mp3 Studio).

P.S, I also tried Audio Shell which can add and read cover art just fine as well which can be read in Zortam but not in mp3tag. It's like mp3tag has it's own way of adding art.



Quick solution: Disable "Read: APE" in the tag options.

In the caption of the Tags window you see: APEv2 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3 APEv2)

That means your MP3 has 3 different tag types on it: ID3v1 ID3v2.3 and APEv2
And the fact the APEv2 is also displayed before the brackets meands that Mp3tag currently shows you the APEv2 tag (and only this tag)
The cover gets only saved in the ID3v2 tag, but you are seeing the APEv2 tag, so no cover.

So if you disable "Read APE" you should see a cover.
You could also remove the APE tag as Detlev said, it won't give you a big advantage and it is not supported by a lot of programs anyway.

To remove only APE tags, you must select only APE in the tag options in the "Remove" part.
Then just click :mt_delete: or press Ctrl+R


That did the trick! I removed "Read APE" and could then see and add cover art. I've now done all my 10k+ mp3s without problems. I also removed all the APE stuff from them. Gotta love mp3tag! One of my all time favorites that ends up on every computer I use. There's not too may programs like that out there... :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your, and others, help with this!