Not all files in folder showing up

I have had this happen quite a few times, and decided I should bring it up. Sometimes, either by dragging and dropping, or by using the "File | Change Directory" menu item, not all music files in a folder show up in my list of files. For example, I recently downloaded the latest Nine Inch Nails releases (NIN made them available for free download at ) and on one of the two albums, not all songs load into MP3TAG. I placed them all in a folder named "F:\Paul\Nine Inch Nails\2020 - Ghosts VI Locusts". There are 15 songs in the folder, but only 6 load. All 15 play fine in a music player. Windows recognizes all 15 as valid song files. Here is a list of the files in the folder (the files without "- Nine Inche Nails" in the name are the files MP3TAG doesn't load):

"01 - The Cursed Clock.m4a"
"02 - Around Every Corner.m4a"
"03 - The Worriment Waltz.m4a"
"04 - Nine Inch Nails - Run Like Hell.m4a"
"05 - Nine Inch Nails - When It Happens (Dont Mind Me).m4a"
"06 - Another Crashed Car.m4a"
"07 - Nine Inch Nails - Temp Fix.m4a"
"08 - Nine Inch Nails - Trust Fades.m4a"
"09 - A Really Bad Night.m4a"
"10 - Nine Inch Nails - Your New Normal.m4a"
"11 - Just Breathe.m4a"
"12 - Nine Inch Nails - Right Behind You.m4a"
"13 - Nine Inch Nails - Turn This Off Please.m4a"
"14 - Nine Inch Nails - So Tired.m4a"
"15 - Nine Inch Nails - Almost Dawn.m4a"

Check how many files are actually loaded and how many get displaayed - you can check this in the status bar at the bottom right.
If the number looks like 6/15 then you probably have still an active filter. Press F3 to toggle that and see if more files appear.


Thank you. I've never set a filter (on purpose, at least), I didn't even know that function existed. Strangely, the filter said 01, yet quite a few files that didn't contain 01 were displayed.

Are you sure? Did you look at any existent tag-field in the extended tag-view? (ALT-t)