not all FLAC's are equal?

Running v2.49 the Tag column indicates the TAG Version. This seems to be non-editable.

In my library there are Flac's with recongized version FLAC (FLAC ID3v2) and Flac's without anything in the Tag column.

When editing tags like Artist etc. the last "type" of Flac's cannot be written.
The same happens to m4a's

Is there a way to get this right?

The files shown in the screen capture have ID3v2 tags in addition to Flac tags (Vorbis comments). The ID3v2 should not be there. Most likely they were added by EAC, which is infamous for doing this.

To remove the ID3v2 in Mp3tag, highlight the files and then do Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V. Or, you can re-encode the files again in Flac and they'll be removed.

Perhaps you have not enough rights to write such files.

cheers,all my flacs have flac-tag and i can edit the tags using v2.49 just like all other files (besides aac).

my problem is flac tag mapping.
when inserting flac in the mapping field (options>tags>mapping)it turns out that its not a valid value.
vorbis comment-mappings cant be used for flac-tags.

my workaround is using some scripts n actions, i like to mess with functions.
but if it can be mapped i would be glad to know how =)

have fun

VorbisComment includes flac files at Mapping.