Not correctly saving?

I have created an Action set which copies the information from one field, formats it, then places it into another field. To be more specific, I am taking the artist names out of a certain field and placing them in the Artist field as multiple artists in the form of Artist1\\Artist2\\Artist3 and so on. This all works correctly. But upon applying this action to a particular tag, the wrong information is being displayed in the List View on the right. That is, the correct information will be displayed in the Tag Panel on the left, Artist1\\Artist2\\Artist3, but this will also be displayed in the Artist column on the right, Artist1\\Artist2\\Artist3, when the Artist column should only say, Artist1. Now, if I explicitly save the tag after I apply the action then the artist column will display the correct information of Artist1 but this is the only time it updates.

Is the program designed to do this, and either way, how can I get around this in my action set. Because as of right now, after I apply my actions to say 1500 songs, I have to individually go through to each song and save them without making any changes so that the correct information is displayed. Now, it is not only a problem that it displays the incorrect information but if I leave the .mp3's as they are after the actions without saving them explicitly then they will incorrectly show up in all my media players as Artist1\\Artist2\\Artist3. This problem very well could be confusing for you guys to help me with but if you need any clarification then just ask and I will be glad to help. Thanks.

Update: I did a little testing myself and discovered this. After I apply the action to an .mp3 and BEFORE explicitly saving it, if I look at the .mp3s extended tags, it will show just 1 Artist. For example, for an .mp3 which should have 2 artists, the extended tags would show:
ARTIST Artist1\\Artist2.
Then, after I explicitly save the .mp3, if I would look at the extended tags it would show:
ARTIST Artist1
ARTIST Artist2.
This didn't really help me at all, lol, but I thought that it might help narrow down the solution for you.

Update 2: Alright, I think that I have created another problem for myself. After I have successfully tagged an .mp3 with multiple artists, I am unable to reach any of the extra Artist fields in code. That is for my example above:

Tag Panel:
Artist: Artist1\\Artist2\\Artist3

Extended Tags Dialog:
ARTIST Artist1
ARTIST Artist2
ARTIST Artist3

The %artist% placeholder only returns the first entry for Artist, or Artist1. I need to be able to check all instances of the Artist. How can this be done? When I was writing the code I assumed that the %artist% placeholder would return whatever is in the Artist field in the Tag Panel, or Artist1\\Artist2\\Artist3, but as I said it only returns Artist1. Maybe I am searching for a solution that does not exist yet but if anyone could tell me one way or the other or even answer for me then I would be thankful. The other question is still up though, I only discovered this new problem as I was trying to solve the first one. Thanks again. I found a work around for this particular problem. If you are curious or can offer a better route this is how I did it. I used the Merge Duplicate Fields Action on the Artist field to combine all of the separate fields into one field. Then I am able to have access to the extra Artist fields.


My action script:


It removes all the white spaces from the begginning and the end of ALL artist (multiple fileds).

Unfortunatelly the result is ONE artist field (with the backslashes in it), and I have to save all the tracks one-by-one manually (clicking the artist field in the tag panel, and Ctrl+S) to split the field up.

It would be useful, if the action script automatically split the fields into multiple fields.


I've run into the same issue just today. I've been using Picard with the plugin to fill genre information, which yields multiple fields separated by slashes, at least for ID3v2.3-tagged files. I can easily replace them with double-backslashes, but the field isn't split into multiple tags until I perform a save on each specific file. Selecting all files and saving doesn't do it... I'd guess if a field is set as for multiple-select saving, then no change happens to that field. Saving one file at a time must trigger the magic to split the single field into several tags.

It's a pretty fiddly detail, and I've been really happy with the program otherwise. Keep up the good work!

Has anyone figured out a work around for this as it is still present the new development build v2.41a.