not defaulting to <keep>

If I select several files to tag as a group, the fields on the left panel do not default to .
This is a huge problem when trying to correct album tags, as there is a strong likelihood when tagging large numbers of files, that I'll overwrite tags accidentally.

I've checked the defaults for tags, and they are set to but when I select several files, it displays all of the information for the first one on the list, and will overwrite all of the tags with that file's information if I save at that point.

Its been a long time since I've used mp3tag, and I don't remember this behaviour in the past.
Is this a 2.38 bug, or has mp3tag always worked this way?

Upon further investigation, this problem is related to using the shift key to select multiple files. The defaults are fine if files are selected with the ctrl-key. Still a major pain, but at least there's a workaround.

I cannot confirm this using 2.38.