Not happy at all

Im not happy at all i have spent the past week tagging my music hours and hours of tagging and now i have gone to play some of the albums i have tagged and guess what there saying the file is invalid.

All the files was working fne before i tagged them and now since using this bloody program there all corrupted i just wonna warn every person using this to be carefull if you use it unless your happy to mess up your whole music collection.

Im sure my post will be deleted which isnt a problem as this is my 7th post on a forum so far and there will be more to come as im so mad right now.

Anyway thats all i wonna say now im off to look for a tagger that will do what it says it will do !!!!!

Hey, are you trying to play your files in Windows Media Player? If so, there was a bug in an earlier version of mp3tag that saved a tag as Unicode when it wasn't supposed to be. That bug has been fixed so if you download the latest development version (version 2.44h) & just re-write your tags (don't even have to re-do them) your files should be fine.

Hope this helps.

Feel free to come back and tell us about your Odyssey!


Im using the newest version Innuendo i have just tryed a file of which i made a copy in a differant place the original file works fine then the copy i made i have retagged then i try and play that copy and up pops this error in windows media player

Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The file is either corrupt or the player does not support the format you are trying to play.

It's so frustrating as i now have hundred's of albums that arnt working and its going to be real hard to get some of the albums again.

Ive been trying to get the tagging done on them all before xmas as i have been working on a touch screen jukebox for my dad.

Is there anyway what so ever i can recover these albums or have i lost them for good now :frowning:

What is the exact version of your Mp3tag?
Download 2.44h from here: /t/455/1

What kind of audio files are you talking about? mp3? wma?

Can you select such a file in Mp3tag and click "View > Extended Tags" and post a screen shot of that?

Firstly Let me start by saying a big sorry about my first post i relise i shouldnt have gone off on 1 like that but after a week of sitting and tagging thousands of mp3's for them then not to work kinda really made me mad so sorry.

Secondly thank you to everyone who helped me even tho i didnt deserve it i am really sorry how i acted

Lastly i did what dano said and downloaded the version from the link he gave me went to a folder where the tags arnt working resaved them and voila it's working again i was really getting worried for a second

Now all i have to do is resave all my albums but rather that then lose them all

Many many thanks to everyone

Im going to try and donate at the end of the month as thats when pay day is

Thanks to you all

If I had used a program to tag thousands of my songs (some are irreplaceable) and found out that they had been corrupted I think I would be about as angry as you were....times ten. :slight_smile:

Apologies accepted. Everyone who is here is serious about their music, serious about their files, and deadly serious about how they should be tagged. I don't think there's a person here who didn't at least understand your frustration if not forgive it.

When I said download the latest development version that was the version I meant. I'm sorry if I wasn't more specific. (Dano to the rescue again!)

You can save them in large batches. It shouldn't take you long seeing as how you're just resaving the tags. You won't have to enter any information.

I'm just glad you calmed down enough to come back and check for a solution because if you had deleted your files out of anger you would have lost all your music for a trivial bug.

Thank you for the nice replay Innuendo, sorry your post was correct it was me being thick when you said to download the newer version i thought it was the one i had so good job in guiding me in the right place.

Just a quick question for some reason i cant select multiple files and tag them at once like i could before, for example before i could select all 12 tracks and add a comment now i can only do it 1 at a time ??

Is this another bug or is it something i have done wrong ?

Othere then that great job :slight_smile:

Just a quick update, it seems i can select more then one file at once and change the comment tag as long as i click on file in the top left hand corner and select save tag.

But if i select more then one file and right click (as i did before) and then select save tag then the changes seem to dissaper as soon as i right click ??

Sorry if im not explaining what i mean very well i hope you understand what im trying to say

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting this issue. I can reproduce it here and will fix it to the next release. I the meantime, please use :mt_save: or [Ctrl+S] to save your changes.

Kind regards,

You've found the best tagger, now hopefully you try a few different media players. If you need video I'd suggest KMPlayer and Winamp. If you just use it for music give Winamp, AIMP and foobar a chance. foobar has a portable install and the others are available in portable formats also, so you can play around with all of them without installing and making changes to your computer.

lol, that was some funny stuff. I don't blame you for being upset, you must have been in shock! I once I deleted a partition on a drive and thought I'd lost my entire music collection of over 100 gigs and 100's of hours tagging with mp3tag over the years. Oh man, it felt like being punched in the stomach! lol

Thankfully I was able to recover everything rather easily.

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