Not Loading Cover Art

I’m using an iMac (Monterey 12.4). Recently when I drag an album’s folder from my “Music” database (I’m using a Bluesound Vault) into MP3tag, it does not load the album’s art. The art’s file “Folder.jpg” is in the folder along with the music tracks.
This is occurring only recently and it’s specific to the last two albums I’ve purchased from Apple music. And, I believe, it’s the first time I’ve needed to use MP3tag since the software was last updated. It always worked previously.
Once I download the album from Apple, I find the album’s folder in the “iTunes Media’s “Music”” folder, copy it to my desktop and drag it into the “Music” folder of the Bluesound’s database. I then go to the Internet, find the album and copy the album’s art, in Jpeg format, to my desktop, then drag it into that same folder. I then drag that folder into MP3tag. In the past, the album art always appeared. Now it doesn’t and thus I cannot get the album art displayed in my Bluesound App.
Any help would be most appreciated.

Have you embedded the cover?
Or is the picture file still only in the file system?

You can filter for files with missing embedded covers with
%_covers% MISSING

You won't see the file "Folder.jpg" displayed in Mp3tag for Mac, only embedded cover art is displayed in the Tag Panel and File List.

Ohrenkino (and Florian)… I appreciate you getting back to me. I’m not to technically savvy and i’ve no idea what or how to embed covers… or what they are, exactly. I do know that prior to the last two albums i’ve purchased on Apple music, I’ve had no problem copying the cover art from the internet, drag it into the album’s folder on my Bluesound Music DB. In the past, when i’ve dragged that album’s folder into MP3tag the album’s art would appear where the album’s art image always appears, in the bottom left of the panel as well as to the left of each song on the album. If I’m able to upload images of screens captures to you I can screen capture images of previous albums and how they appear on both my Music DB as well as on MP3tag. And how these two new albums appear as well so you can see the differences; if that would be of any help.
Again, thanks for taking the time to respond.

Florian... Please see my reply to Ohrenkino. Thanks!

I have seen some Music files from Apple don’t have the cover embedded. No idea why other than poor tagging by the label. So even if the cover file is in the folder, there may be no association for mp3tag. You can highlight those tracks once loaded, and if the album art is not showing in the tag panel, then that is confirmed. You can drag the art from the folder to the tag panel and save, it will then be embedded for other programs to have access moving forward.