Not marking as compilation when retrieving info from Discogs

It's such a small thing but I was wondering if I was missing a checked box or something. Whenever I retrieve tags from Discogs, I have to manually mark compilations as such. Am I missing something?


Does the discogs page supply this information?
If it is not on that page, then MP3tag can hardly guess it.

I mean, albums are marked as various/comps on Discogs. Again, not a deal breaker. I’m just wondering if there’s something I’m missing. I know that Picard groups comps but… different tools for different things.

Picard is the tagging software specialized using metadata from MusicBrainz.
MusicBrainz has a special flag for "compilations" which have to be set to be delivered to Picard:

If you add/edit the releasegroup, the Type selection looks like this at MusicBrainz:

I don't know if Discog has such flag too (or only display a text like "Box Set - Compilation") and deliver it to client software asking for it.

Do you see other albums where this flag is present online at Discogs or delivered through a websource script from Mp3tag? If yes, you could compare them, where the difference could be at Discogs.

Cool. Thanks for taking the time. I was just wondering if there was something I was missing. There’s no problem clicking the little button to group.

I don’t really know the answer to your question. I’ve only noticed that Mp3tag never groups compilations when searching the Discogs database.

This isn't a consistent tag, and as such it is impossible for mp3tag to guess what needs to be set for your specific use case. Not all music programs use a compilation indicator.

Musicbrainz uses the above mentioned dropdown for identifying a compilation.

iTunes uses the COMPILATION flag set to 1.

If you want to change this quickly, you can filter for all ALBUMARTIST "Various Artists" and then add this extra setting to whichever field your player software requires.

Perfect. I think my question has been answered. Thanks to all.