Not reading from last directory

Normally the programm starts automatically reading the actual data from my Bluesound Vault 2. Apparently this has changed in the latest release. Even if I click on Renewing File list, nothing happens.
I even cannot activate one of the Actions suggested: these are grey and thus not active. I hope I made myself clear enough describing my problem. What is the possible solution?

See File>Options>Folders
where you can set a starting directory.

(You are right: usually a new installation adopts the old settings. But perhaps you have selected a different type of installation: Standard instead of portable or the other way round)

Edit: It may also be possible that you have set a filter (unvoluntarily). See the status bar how many files are loaded and how many are displayed. If these 2 numbers differ, press F3 to deactivate the filter and see if the files reappear.

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