Not saving to various fields

When I enter txt in the various fields such as comments, Title, Artist etc I get a saving notification but nothing is saved in any of the fields? Am using 64 bit Windows 10.

How do you know that nothing is saved? Does Mp3tag show nothing or is it another piece of software?
What are your settings in Tools -> Options -> Tag - > MPEG in Read and Write?

What kind of tags does your file have already before you try to write? For that have a look in the extended tag-view (Press ALT+t).

Also make sure you have no duplicate fields for Title, Artist, Album, ... in the Tag Panel on the left. You can remove any duplicates at "Options > Tag Panel".

Many thanks after removing duplicate fields everything is working fine. Not sure how the duplicate fields were set as I did not change the default settings???

Glad it's working again.

I've attempted an explanation here:

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